Three Blind Mice

I’m super excited to announce that my production company, Lickety Split, has collaborated with No2Mauro Productions to enter the Asian American Film Lab’s 72 Hour Film Shootout competition this year! We have 72 hours to make a film, and this year’s shootout theme is Two Faces.

Yesterday, I stayed up till 5am to finish writing our film, THREE BLIND MICE, directed by the brothers Montgomery and Mackenzie Mauro, and starring myself, Jessica Damouni, Renée Myers, Michael Benzinger, and Montgomery Mauro.

Three Blind Mice is a thriller/mystery heist film and my character, Dahlia, is as crazy as it gets.

Three Blind Mice - Renée Myers, Natalie Faye, Jessica Damouni

Renée Myers as the con woman, Gemma, Natalie Faye as the criminally insane Dahlia, and Jessica Damouni as the master thief, Brooke.



Natalie Faye - Three Blind Mice


Natalie Faye - Three Blind Mice Natalie Faye - Three Blind Mice


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